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Coastal began in 1978 by purchasing and leasing a wide variety of oceanographic equipment made by other manufacturers.  Over the years it became evident that most lacked the attributes we valued most: economy, reliability, convenience, and versatility.  Through our experiences with government agencies,  universities, consulting engineers, and industry, we learned that our clients have hours or at most days, not weeks to get started.  Simplicity of operation, not confusing manuals or software, is essential.  Equipment must be flexible; and, most of all, it must do its job. 

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Coastal spent the next few years retrofitting other manufacturers’ instruments and conferring with clients to determine what they needed from their equipment. A decade later, Coastal introduced the first of its own instrument series, the Micro/Mini, in response to the concerns of their customers. The instruments used simple electronics with sophisticated, fully integrated supporting software for monitoring and storing data. Since the introduction of this series, Coastal has manufactured, leased, and sold over 600 systems to hundreds of clients worldwide, along with continuing to supply equipment for lease or lease-purchase from other leading manufacturers.

Today, in response to ever-evolving technology and to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients, Coastal has worked assiduously to produce our newest generation of oceanographic, environmental, and meteorologic instrument systems. We call these new instruments our Macro Series. The Series is still adherent to our modular system of construction using Coastal's building blocks, but has benefited from today’s technology with improvements such as a much larger storage capacity. Like its predecessor, the Coastal Macro Series system is reliable and field proven.



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