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Coastal also supplies equipment for lease or lease-purchase from leading manufacturers.  Our extensive lease pool includes equipment from companies such as Axys Environmental, Ltd., Benthos Inc., Nortek USA, Paroscientific Inc., RD Instruments & RBR Ltd.


Axys Environmental, Ltd.

Triaxys Directional Wave Buoy System

State-of-the-art directional wave measurements

Fully solar powered

Sea surface temperature sensor

30 - 50 MHz are standard radio frequencies, with other telemetry options available


Rugged, compact system


Developed in conjunction with 

Canadian Hydraulics Centre of the 

National Research Council of Canada


Download Data Sheet (311K pdf)



Tri-Axys Directional Wave Buoy

The TRIAXYS® Directional Wave buoy is a precision instrument that is an easy to use rugged and economical buoy for accurate measurement of directional waves…The CHC [Canadian Hydraulics Center] developed the buoys software to analyze data from the six motion sensors and the fluxgate compass… Roll, pitch and yaw angles, as well as displacements and velocities.



Benthos Inc.

875-A Shallow Water Acoustic Release

Low cost, easy to deploy at less than 10 pounds weight in air (4.3 kg), the Model 875 is specially designed for coastal water requirements. Rated to 305 meters depth (1,000 feet), it has a lift load rating of 1000 lbs and a release load rating of 200 lbs. Uses the standard Benthos command structure and full compatibility with Benthos acoustic command equipment.

Download Data Sheet (54K pdf)


Benthos 875-PUB
875-PUB Pop Up Buoy

Low cost, rugged seabed package recovery system. Designed for retrieval of anchor pennant lines, bottom mounted instrumentation, arrays, or any device that can be tethered to the seabed with a recovery line. 75 or 200 meter line length standard. 10 lb positive buoyancy; 6 or 12 month battery options.

Download Data Sheet (132K pdf)


DS-8750 Acoustic Deck Set

The DS-8750 deck unit is a low cost companion for the Model 875 Release and the 875-PUB Pop Up Buoy. Capable of sending all Benthos FSK commands, the DS-8750 can also serve as a field backup unit for the DS-7000 Acoustic Deck Set.

Download Data Sheet (68K pdf)



Nortek USA

Aquadopp Current Meter

General purpose Doppler current meter for long-term deployment in oceans, estuaries, lakes and rivers. Includes internal battery pack, memory, compass, tilt, temperature and pressure in 75 x 568 mm package.

Download Data Sheet (338K pdf)

Easy-Q River Velocity and Stage Monitor

Current meter plus water level sensor designed for USGS river flow monitoring. Measure water velocity in three cells out in the river, away from the riverbank.  Measure water level acoustically with 3 mm (0.01') accuracy. Includes SDI-12 interface.

Download Data Sheet (83.2K pdf)


Nortek Aquadopp

Vector 3D Current Meter

The Vector 3D current meter collects high-resolution velocity and pressure data in rapidly changing environments. Based on processing schemes originally developed for the Nortek Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter, the system electronics integrates unique Doppler velocity measurements with standard sensors such as temperature, pressure, tilt, and compass. State-of-the-art power management and miniaturized electronics combine in a compact single-canister design that is suitable for real time operation or self-contained deployments. The Vector supports burst sampling, where data are sampled rapidly for a short period of time before it "sleeps" to preserve battery power and recorder memory. The Vector samples pressure at the same time as the 3D velocity. All other sensors are sampled at 1 Hz. The Vector comes with a complete suite of Windows 95/98/00/NT/2000/XP software for deployment planning, real time data collection and data retrieval. As an option, the post processing program ExploreV is available to review, process and interpret your Vector. The processing includes spectral analysis, coordinate transforms, and calculation of complex turbulence parameters.

Download Data Sheet
(447K pdf)


Paroscientific, Inc.

The Digiquartz® Barometers are used in a variety of precision meteorological applications.  The  Model 760-16B is used as a transfer standard in laboratory and field applications. These standards have been used in an international calibration and intercomparison study originated by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (DMNI).  Median drift rate of the units was -0.007 hPa (-0.0002 in Hg) per year. Pressure hysteresis tests showed a mean hysteresis less than 0.001 hPa.  

Download Data Sheet (124K pdf)


Paroscientific 760-16B Barometer



RD Instruments


BroadBand, Workhorse


Workhorse Sentinel or Monitor ADCP

300, 600 or 1200 kHz 

Bottom Track Option

High Resolution Option


The Workhorse Sentinel ADCP is designed for autonomous deployments of up to 12 months in water depths less than 200 meters. The internal electronics use the patented signal processing used in RDI’s BroadBand ADCP’s. Its small size, mooring accessories and comprehensive software make it easy to use.

Download data sheet (72.8K pdf)


RD Workhorse Sentinel



Workhorse Long Ranger  75 kHz 


The Workhorse Long Ranger ADCP is designed for autonomous deployments of up to 6 months of long range profiling in water depths to 1,500 meters. The internal electronics use the patented signal processing used in RDI’s BroadBand ADCPs.

Download data sheet (71.8K pdf)


RD Long Ranger



BroadBand, Conventional with Bottom Track


75 kHz System Electronics and Transducer

150 kHz System Electronics and Transducer

600 kHz System Electronics and Transducer

1200 kHz System Electronics and Transducer

BroadBand System Electronics Only

Right Angle Adapter Option

NarrowBand Systems


75 kHz System Electronics and Transducer

Narrowband System Electronics Only





RBR Ltd.

XR-420 CTD Marine

The XR-420 CTD Marine is a small, low cost CTD instrument.  It uses a titanium inductive conductivity cell that is calibrated to an accuracy of ±0.003mS/cm.  When purchased with a fast thermistor option (< 95 milliseconds), the logger can be used for profiling applications.

Download Data Sheet (29.4K pdf)




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