The simple answer...   they are the happiest in water...   just like Coastal's instruments!!

But more than that, they made OI Americas 2001  just a bit more interesting.

Click the pics below to see "who's got the duckie!"


We've got the duckie!
chrisdon2.JPG (58782 bytes)

Don & Chris & Kirsten at The Coastal Booth

kirduck.jpg (54871 bytes)

Don & the duckies invade Benthos

benthos.JPG (38374 bytes)


birns.JPG (62260 bytes) Kirsten slyly sneaks a duckie into the Birns booth (wait til Eric finds out!)
d&a2.JPG (53162 bytes) The Coastal Crew at their display in the D&A Instruments Booth (note duckie on top!)

Chris, Kirsten, & duckies "look toward the future" at the NOAA display

noaa.JPG (61948 bytes)

You've got the duckie!


axys.JPG (52800 bytes) downing.JPG (47734 bytes)

fsi.JPG (36501 bytes)

nortek.JPG (41729 bytes)

Duckies go for a ride on the TriAxys buoy with Simon Skey and Tom Vandall John Downing (D&A Instruments) Bob Beede (FSI) with his CTD (cute tiny duckie)

Atle Lohrman

pclay.JPG (37672 bytes)

polloni.jpg (61922 bytes)

rdi.JPG (40012 bytes)

rdi2.JPG (44977 bytes)

Peter Clay (Mooring Systems)

Chris Polloni (USGS) stops by for a drink with the duckies

Duckie gets a ride on the new horizontal RD system 

(it goes "ping.. ping.. quack")

No duckie cooties for Harry Maxfield of RDI

rich.JPG (42782 bytes)

rmyoung.JPG (42789 bytes)

rongeorge.JPG (47170 bytes)

Rich Zamachaj (Cape Shores Welding) wondering if he can make a titanium duckie

Duckie chills out on the RM Young radiation shield 

Ron George (Ocean Sciences) checks out his new "floatation device"


Random duckie sightings!


wpi.JPG (31248 bytes)

coffeekir.JPG (51456 bytes)

pocket.JPG (24933 bytes)

"every duckie's goin' surfin..."

Nothing like that first cup of... duckie?

...or are you just happy to see me?


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