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NOTE:  Wizard and other Coastal software are DOS-based programs.

They will not run correctly on Windows ME.   (7/1/01)



Coastal offers two forms of the Wizard software: the standard version and Wizard+ with Real Time Enhancements, which provides real-time displays and telemetry. Wizard runs on DOS and uses windows and graphics to make is an extremely user-friendly application. The Wizard software that accompanies the instrumentation is a menu driven, PC compatible program complete with on-line Help, accessible by pressing the [F1] key at any time. The software has been specifically designed to be able to run all of Coastal Leasing's series of instruments in an simple and easily understood manner. Wizard is user friendly, with on-line help to answer questions. If unclear about a Wizard prompt, press the [F1] key to retrieve any available help. 

Wizard+ is a program for an IBM-PC or compatible computer which acquires data from a Macro instrument, displays the data, and optionally voices the information to an incoming caller.  The program can communicate with the Macro instrument either serially by wire connection, or to a remote instrument by radio modem connection.  Wizard+ also provides a monitoring function to display and report sensed information in real time, and show recent trends.



PC Spec

PC Spec is a stand-alone program that performs a spectral analysis of the time series data created by Wizard.  Output includes significant wave height; zero-crossing and peak period; zeroth, second, and fourth spectral moments; peakedness parameter; spectral width parameter; and 1-D spectra for 32 frequency bins.  If the instrument is a MacroSpec, then PCSpec also provides the peak wave direction, and 2-D spectral information.



Custom Software

Coastal has the ability to customize its Wizard software to meet your deployment and data reading requirements.  No matter what sensor you decide to use or what parameters you need to view, Coastal has the technology to fulfill your needs.



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