The hardware building blocks of Coastal's MacroSeries instruments are:


Capacity          Communications          Sampling          Power Supply          Housing



Coastal can accommodate all your needs for data storage. Data storage requirements are a function of the parameters to be measured, the sampling frequency, the stored resolution, and the instrument's service interval.  At normal sampling rates, Coastal's instruments can be deployed for months or up to year or longer.  The MacroSeries instruments are Coastal’s first to use compact flash technology, enabling the user to choose a much wider range of data capacity. Typically, the standard memory is .25 MB. Optional flash cards offered are:


10 MB
20 MB

30 MB

40 MB

48 MB

64 MB


If you need a memory size that is not listed, please contact Coastal Leasing and let us know what you are looking for. We are happy to accommodate any reasonable request. Please note that changing the data capacity of the instrument may cause a change in price.





Coastal's instruments communicate serially (RS-232).  The computer typically attaches by a short cable (less than 50 feet) to enable the user to control the instrument through Wizard software.  In the normal bi-directional mode, the instrument listens for and responds to commands.  With unidirectional communication, the instrument echoes status or data to the user.  Transmission options replace or augment the serial cable link to extend the range and circumstances for communications.  Some alternatives include:


Acoustic                    Subsea acoustic telemetry; possibly bidirectional.

RS-422 or RS-485       Serial cable with 1000 m range; fully bidirectional.

Modem                      Conventional or cellular phone links; fully bidirectional.

Radio                         UHF, VHF or 900 mHz radio or packet radio; possibly bidirectional.

Argos Satellite           Very limited data transmission, optional instrument locating.

GOES Satellite           Limited data transmission with conditional alert messaging.

ORBCOMM Satellite   Universal coverage with limited data transmission.


New communications technologies are being developed and are easily integrated.  In addition, Coastal's auxiliary Wizard+ software and hardware allow real time voice reporting, display, and alerting of sensed field measurements.





Hardware and software considerations dictate the possible sampling schemes.  Frequency of sampling is fully programmable by the user.  Measurement, processing, and accuracy of stored results are functions of instrument type.  Coastal's standard sampling schemes include:

Average         Stores averaged or vector averaged processed results

Burst              Stores sampled, individual sensor measurements

Monitor          Displays present averaged or vector averaged results


The average mode filters out short term variations, for example, eliminating waves when measuring tides.  The burst mode captures short term variations.  This is useful for measuring waves, directional waves, or other highly dynamic events.  Not all instruments include the bursting capability.  Monitor mode provides only real time output for testing and normally does not need to be changed from the default values.  Conditional sampling and specialized processing are also available.



Power Supply  


Depending upon how long you are deploying an instrument, the power source can become an important concern. Coastal realizes this and offers a number of power options to fit your deployment needs.


Standard ‘D’ Cell battery pack

Extended ‘D’ Cell battery pack

External 12 Volt DC Power

Solar Panels






Coastal's instruments can be housed in a variety of ways, but are generally fully self-contained and submersible.  A bulkhead communications and power connector located on the outside of the housing eliminates the need to open the instrument for data retrieval. In determining the housing of the instrument, the size and number of sensors, as well as power structure, must be taken into consideration. There are three main components to an instrument’s housing: 1) Type of Material, 2) Size and 3) Deployment Depth




  Size       Deployment Depth
Aluminum ExtraSmall, 10.625"    Atmosphere
Plastic   Small, 12.5"  Shallow
Stainless    Small/Medium, 19.8"  Deep
Titanium    Medium, 21.8"  
  Large, 29.125"  
  Extra Large, 38.5"  





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