Standard Price


Wizard Upgrade to 5.07RF


Pricing for Coastal Replacement Parts


MicroFour Logger Board, 128K, Complete PCB


o        Board Only


o        MicroProcessor Only


o        A/D Only


o        Memory, 32K


o        Memory, per 128K


o        Memory, per 512K


MicroMini Interface Board, Complete PCB


Pressure Sensor Assembly, Complete PCB


o        Board Only (CAL NOT INCLUDED)


o        Sensor Only (CAL NOT INCLUDED)


Battery Board Assembly, Complete


o        Board Only


o        Battery Brackets Only


o        AA Brackets


External Temperature Sensors for after-the-fact additions


End Cap Assembly, Complete


o        XSJ-7-BCR Only


o        XSJ-7-DSP Only


o        XSJ-9-DSP


o        XSJ-4-BCR

$75.00 ($125 installed)

o        XSJ-20-DSR


o        End cap Only


o        Swagelock Fittings, Nylon


o        O-Rings ($1.00 little)


Small Instrument Housing, Complete


Cables, M3 Interface, Complete


o        XSJ-7-CCP Bulkhead Adapter, Only


XSJ-4-CCP to XSJ-4-CCP 1M Sensor Cable


Housing Screws

$0.50 each

Battery Replacement, Each


o        D-Cells


o        AA-Cells


o        1/3 N


Anode Assy Conversion


o        Additional Anodes


o        Additional Shaft Anodes


o        Anode Bars


o        Anodes


Foam Inserts


Pricing for Other Parts


Nortek Sony Square Batteries


Benthos Buoy Release Magnets


RDWH Dummy Plug


RDWH power cable and power supply


RDWH protective cover


RDWH spare parts and tool kit


PIO RDWH Board Electronics


CPU RDWH Board Electronics


MPMIL-7-FS Pigtail for RDWH


RDWH Battery


Standard Pricing for Services


Calibration, Pressure


Labor, per hour


Shipping/Handling Charges

10% of shipping costs


10% of costs and parts (including tax)



(All incoming international shipments, not moved by door-to-door service)




~ Charges exclude labor, unlisted sensors or third-party costs.  


Download our Support Price List in .pdf format

Support Prices

To place your order just call 617-497-1122, fax 617-497-1188, or e-mail  Coastal will provide expert information on equipment alternatives, availability, and shipping to suit your needs.  Guaranteed next day shipment to many national and international locations is possible.  Besides shipping Coastal can assist with start-up, training, insurance, special calibrations, data processing, consumables, and customs requirements.  All systems are available for lease, lease-purchase or purchase.  

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